Don't Head to the Game Without This Tailgate Checklist!

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to make sure this weekend’s tailgate is a smashing success.

Team-centric gear show your support (and keep you warm)

Sunglasses to make sure your eyes are ready for overtime

Plastic poncho, because football doesn’t stop when the rain starts

Pocket-sized hand (or foot) warmers, because winter is coming

What’s the biggest cooler you can find? Bring that one.

Stock your cooler with 75% your favorite beverages, 15% water (you’ll need it, trust us) and 10% a beverage no one really likes. (This is great for people who crash the party, but haven’t earned the good stuff.)

Don’t forget ice!


Grab a backyard game that fits your space. Cornhole and hillbilly golf are staples, but track down a kubb set if you have a ton of room.

Even if your party won’t use them, plastic cups and ping-pong balls can make you a parking lot hero for that group of college kids three cars down.

If you’re worried about kids getting in the way of intense competition, bring a second set so they can play and you can focus on domination.

Want to go the extra mile? Pick up a small trophy at a party shop to present to the winner!

4. DIG IN!
To make sure no one’s too stressed, divide up the food responsibility between your party.

Feel free to save money on condiments, but don’t skimp on the protein. When you’re cooking in a parking lot, quality burgers, hot dogs, and brats go a long way.

During our Tailgate Invasion stops, Aunt Millie’s saved countless parties where people had forgotten to bring buns. Don’t make this mistake, stock up early and bring extras!