Slow Cooker Recipes for Easy Tailgating

Jalapeno Sloppy Joes.jpg

We love a good slower cooker! All you need to do is throw some stuff in it, and a few hours later you have deliciousness (just make sure your fire alarm has batteries). You’ll be able to feed your team without missing a play.  

Chicken Fajita Sandwiches

Being the MVP of your tailgate spread is easy with these mouth-watering Chicken Fajita Sandwiches. Just layer chopped veggies and chicken in a slow cooker, cook on low while you prep the rest of your spread, and add the mix to one of our Deli Sub buns.  

Beef & Bleu Cheese Sliders

We're definitely Team Bleu Cheese, especially when paired with cute lil' rolls and beef. But if you’re not a Bleu Cheese fan, it’s okay to substitute Feta we won’t tell anyone.  

Sloppy Chori-Joes

Up your Sloppy Joe game by mixing chorizo and jalapeño in your traditional mix for a spicier, mouth-watering addition to your tailgating spread.  

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Buffalo chicken wings are a sports bar staple, but a tad messy out in the lot. Piling slow cooked shredded buffalo chicken on a Johnsonville Honey Bun allows you to ditch the wet wipes and get back to the pre-game festivities.   

Cider Brined Pulled Pork

Make sure to plan ahead for this one! The pork marinates in an apple cider brine for 12 hours, then gets seasoned and slowly cooked for another 8 hours.  Rest assured it’s the worth the time — it’ll be a touchdown of a treat.

Jalapeño Sloppy Joes

They’re cheesy, spicy, portable, and use our Deli Onion Buns. What more could you ask for, while cheering on your favorite team with your friends?  

Steak and Brie Sandwiches with Balsamic Cranberry Sauce

Steak, Brie, and Cranberry Sandwiches are savory and sweet and oh so satisfying. Slow cook the beef the night before and you’ll be ready to relax during pregame.  

Meatball Hero

These meatball heroes will showcase your creativity and turn you into a hero of your own—a tailgate hero—regardless of what happens on the field.

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes can be the perfect tailgate food. Just prep the meat beforehand, throw it into a slow cooker and you’ll be ready to go by game time.