Top 5 Ways to Have a Kid-Friendly Cookout

Cookouts are fun for the whole family, right? Well, the truth is that kids don’t necessarily get enthusiastic about events centered only around food. Here are some tips to keep the kids at your cookout happy so the grownups can concentrate on your outstanding burgers.

1. Timing is everything! If you invite kids to your cookout, it shouldn’t start at 7pm. Tired kids are no fun, and parents appreciate these considerations.  

2. Kid-sized food! Food is the primary reason for these summer parties. Why not drum up some culinary enthusiasm with sliders for the kids? Make sure they are plenty of options for the kids to eat so that they feel welcome and your house is a place they and their parents want to come back to.

3. Games! From hopscotch to wiffle ball, all the classic summer outdoor games will keep the kids at your cookout entertained. They’ll be so worn out from playing at your house all afternoon that they’ll easily go to bed early, ensuring that their parents remember this day fondly.

4. Fun contests! How many sliders can you fit in your mouth at one time? How many hot dogs can you eat? How fast can you build a burger? These can be fun for both kids and adults. No need to pretend Dad doesn’t want to challenge his kids to a hot dog eating contest.  

5. Fenced-in yard! You don’t want to worry about kids’ safety so set up the games in a safe spot so everyone can be free to have the best time at your summer cookout.