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What to Bring to a Holiday Brunch

So your Aunt Karen wants to change things up, and Christmas on your dad’s side is a brunch this year. The family group message thread has been blowing up, but you’re on Karen’s side. Let’s start a new tradition! Now, what should you bring? Do you go with a classic brunch dish or a classic holiday dish? Or maybe try to land somewhere in between?

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Our Beloved Thanksgiving

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving was proclaimed a federal holiday in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln. The U.S. traditionally celebrates the holiday with a turkey — so much so that approximately 45 million turkeys were consumed on Thanksgiving Day in 2015

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Five Ways to Actually Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays are for spending time with family and friends. Yet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, stressed and even depressed when having to contend with all of the trappings that the season brings. It also doesn’t help that childhood memories mixed with and cheery televised representations of the holidays can often create an unrealistic set of expectations.

Here are some tips on how to actually slow down and enjoy the holiday season:

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