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A Survival Guide to a Kid-Friendly Picnic

Here you are, a nice and sensible person trying to do a good deed. So you decide to take the children you're babysitting out for a picnic, or perhaps your own children have been wanting to go to the park all day. You think, what could be an easier, more enjoyable activity for everyone than a pleasant meal outdoors? It seems like a walk in the park, but we know the truth. Between protesting the menu and forgotten napkins, a picnic can quickly become stressful.

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Say Cheese!

On a perfect burger, the cheese inevitably melts into the bun until the two are inseparable. That means you better have a good bun, one that can receive the cheese without absorbing the cheese. You don't want a hard bun that repels the cheese. That just makes a mess. And you don't want a bun that gets soggy at just the suggestion of a burger. That's another mess.

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