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A Survival Guide to a Kid-Friendly Picnic

Here you are, a nice and sensible person trying to do a good deed. So you decide to take the children you're babysitting out for a picnic, or perhaps your own children have been wanting to go to the park all day. You think, what could be an easier, more enjoyable activity for everyone than a pleasant meal outdoors? It seems like a walk in the park, but we know the truth. Between protesting the menu and forgotten napkins, a picnic can quickly become stressful.

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Say Cheese!

On a perfect burger, the cheese inevitably melts into the bun until the two are inseparable. That means you better have a good bun, one that can receive the cheese without absorbing the cheese. You don't want a hard bun that repels the cheese. That just makes a mess. And you don't want a bun that gets soggy at just the suggestion of a burger. That's another mess.

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Five Food Groups

As soon as the outside temperature reaches 60°F, doors and windows all over the Midwest fly open, and shorts, tank tops, and flip flops come out of storage. The temperatures keep climbing, and no one wants to go back inside. These magical months are filled with frisbees, swimming, and impromptu family softball games. The days are made of dirty feet and sun-bleached hair.

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