Best. Tailgate. Ever.


We're bringing you our time-tested, knockout recipes to make this the Best Tailgating Season Ever! Just make sure you stock up on the best buns because no true fan enjoys a basic bun.  

Philly Cheesesteak:  

Whether or not your favorite team is from Philly, you can still enjoy this classic sandwich for your gameday party. It’s cheesy, gooey, and beefy, which are our honest-to-goodness favorite things.  

Super Football Subs:

Sometimes simple is best! With a Super Football Sub all you have to do is load up one of our Super Sub Buns with your favorite meats and cheeses, then grill.  Leaving you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the game.

Italian Pork Sandwiches:

Delizioso! Let your pork marinate in some zesty Italian dressing, then pile on the mozzarella and pizza sauce for a touchdown-worthy sammie on a Super Sub Bun. #sorrynotsorryWilbur

Chili Cheese Frito Hot Dogs:

We wouldn’t dare tell you how to prepare your family chili recipe. Once you’ve got a batch made, try slathering it on some dogs and topping with some salty corn chips for a mouth-watering tailgate snack.  

Jalapeño Popper Turkey Sliders:

Get it poppin’ in the tailgate tent with a flavor combo that’s heaven on a plate! This recipe uses bacon, jalapeños, Hawaiian rolls, cheese, and turkey.  

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Buffalo chicken wings are a sports bar staple, but a lil’ messy out in the lot. Piling pre-made buffalo chicken on a Johnsonville Stadium Honey Bun (baked by Aunt Millie’s) allows you to ditch the wet wipes and get back to the pre-game festivities.  

Johnsonville Grillers Sandwich:  

We have two rules for tailgating: (1) Don’t use basic buns (2) Don’t use basic meat. Johnsonville Grillers and Stadium Buns are next level tailgate party must haves. Plus we bake the buns, so you know they’re gonna be fire.