Backyard Summer Party Hacks


Grilling, parties, food, sunshine, and games - isn’t summer the best? If you’re hosting a backyard summer party, keep reading for some of our favorite party hacks. You’ll be amazed at how a little extra preparation makes all the difference when creating those great summer memories. 


It's tempting to splurge on fairy lights and garden decor to decorate your space, but it’s unnecessary. Being crafty with things you already own and upcycling them in a creative way can be both unique and impressive as well as budget friendly. People appreciate a creative touch and feel honored when they see the labor in creating a fun space for them to relax. 

Hack: One of our favorite hacks is using a toy bucket with the plastic shovel (you may already have this) as a snack bowl for foods like pretzels and popcorn. It adds to a summer beach vibe, and is one less thing you have to put through the dishwasher at the end of the night. 

Food & Drink

Summer parties are synonymous with burgers, brats, and hot dogs, don't you think? It seems a shame to host a summer party without utilizing the grill. And with recipes like this Breakfast Burger, on our Stadium White Hamburger Buns, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. 

It's also important to be mindful of your guest's dietary preferences and restrictions. Supplementing the main course with alternative side dishes can help accommodate everyone. Consider a Mushroom Swiss Burger if you're hosting health conscious eaters. 

Hack: Have an inflatable kid pool? Fill with ice and voila-- summer-vibe drink cooler.


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 Light-hearted competition is always joyful and gets people truly connecting. And honestly, it’s just fun! We personally love charades, but corn hole and card games are also great options. 

Hack: Giant Jenga is one of the most suspenseful and fun summer games. All it takes is a few 2x4’s cut into equal 10 ½ inch pieces and you’ll be amazed at how much fun everyone has. 
Bonus Hack: Use toys and objects you already have to create obstacle courses for children (and adults). Using hula hoops, jump ropes, and other toys, divide everyone into teams and compete for the best time. We like Aunt Millie’s bun puppets for littles’ entertainment. Enter to win one here.

Good vs Great

The difference between being a good host versus a great host is in anticipating the needs of your guests. The small considerations really touch people and create an environment where everyone can relax. Think about each person and what they may require when you’re preparing your guest list. For example, it may be nice to consider a child-proofed gated area for children if you’re inviting a significant amount of parents with small children. Or perhaps your guests are elderly, in that case, it would be considerate to have comfortable seating accommodations and for food and beverages to be on one level of the home.  

Hack: “Situations stations” are designated areas for first aid supplies, bug spray, and SPF. Using old metal pails, wicker baskets, or whatever you have that will contain necessary supplies will save time running around the house in search of items when requested. 

As always, have a fun and safe summer party. The main goal is to create summer memories, so be sure to take lots of photos! 

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