Navigating the world isn’t easy. Managing work, relationships, a social life, even things like Daylight Savings can bring baggage that makes everything seem harder than it needs to be.

What if you had someone to guide you through those challenges – someone like the coolest aunt ever? That’s where we come in. Say hi to Millie and Friends, inspired by everyone’s favorite aunt – Aunt Millie.

When things are hard, that’s when we turn to shortcuts. Packing your lunch gives way to fast food at the place closest to work. The dessert you promised to bring to the family function winds up being a plate of lemon bars you definitely didn’t just buy at the local big box store.

Those choices are fine, of course. No judgement here. But we know that when you finally do get the chance to breathe again, it’s nice to take a little time to yourself, make something from scratch, and surround yourself with the friends and family you love.

We don’t have all the answers, and we can’t promise you’ll magically get great at “adulting.” But as far as we’re concerned - you don’t need to be. Keep doing your best, and when you need a recipe for girls’ night, ideas for what to throw on the grill, or a couple expert strategies to keep your niece and nephew occupied and earn you the title of “best. aunt. ever.” – we’ve got you covered.

We’re Millie and Friends. From the offices of Aunt Millie’s Bakeries in the heart of the Midwest, we’re here to help you handle all the baking, hosting, entertaining and “aunting” questions that pop up along the way. And we’re so excited to meet you.

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